Hello Teachers!
I’m PK, the Peace Kid.

Do you wish to have a more peaceful and calm classroom?

Imagine a soft and peaceful feeling in just a few seconds that positively affects your teaching and your pupils’ learning.”

“Really? Yes!”


“It is easy to teach, easy to learn. Ask the kids and their parents - it really works.”

After the children had used their Peace Button you could feel the atmosphere in class had changed. It was calm, soothing. And it didn’t take long. So easy too. Thank you Rebecca.
— Nicholas, Teaching Assistant
I used my Peace Button today in class and I felt calm. My Mum felt the feeling too because it was spreading out from me.
— Kamil, age 9

“Peace Button is an easy to use tool any time. I will show you how to use your Peace Button in your class and I do hope that it spreads in your school.”

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Children Love Peace Button


Become a Peace Button School

Book Miss Rainbow, P.K. and team for assistance in starting a Peace Button movement in your school.

  • Peace Button whole school assembly
  • Peace Button class workshops (Levels 1,2,3 & 4)
  • Peace Button teacher training (Levels; Basic and Advanced)
  • Peace Button Peer Mediator training
  • Peace Button Corner - create your own