Meet the Co Founders &
Co Parents of P.K. the Peace Kid

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Rebecca Rainbow
is a London primary school teacher with 23 years of professional experience. 

She has lived in Japan, The Middle East, Australia; travelled solo through China to Europe; worked with children in India, West Africa, and the USA. 

Rebecca has always had a global perspective, so she made it her mission to take Peace Button everywhere.

“Peace Button was born when it landed in my tummy button and I realised; of course! My tummy button is my Peace Button and we all have one!
For the last 2 years I have delivered Peace Button to thousands of London school children. I use it every day too. It really works!”

Rebecca uses her Peace Button every day and loves bringing up P.K. the Peace Kid together with Remi, helping him share his wisdom with the world.

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Remi Olajoyegbe
is a London Based Coach, Speaker, Writer and Social Entrepreneur.  She also volunteered in an inclusive theatre company, supporting children of mixed backgrounds and abilities to co-create performance based art. Her parenting has really helped P.K. find his voice.

During her previous 12 year high flying City career, she found meditation a tool that enabled her to keep calm under immense pressure. She has maintained a daily practice for several years.

“We all need to find our inner place of peace as this positively affects the world around us. 

By using

 Peace Button you combine a sense of belonging with a positive, nourishing daily practice, and significant transformation can occur. Add in an element of fun and it's a pretty powerful combination.” (Personal blog)

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"We love supporting you so that you can share your
wisdom and teachings with the world P.K.!"
say Rebecca & Remi