Dear Remi and Rebecca,

Just a quick note of thanks from me and all the staff and pupils at Leigh Primary School for such an amazing day yesterday. We all thoroughly enjoyed having you in school and you made the assembly and workshops engaging, fun and informative.

The Peace Button programme you have developed is perfect for children (and adults!) and is a simple but effective tool for a more mindful and calm school. Our children thoroughly enjoyed learning about PK the Peace Kid and were able to access all the techniques you covered throughout the day. The impact was immediate and we shall be practising using our Peace Buttons every day to ensure it is something the children and staff can use whenever they want. The Peace Button is perfect for children to use at school, at home, on their own or in groups: it’s simple yet highly effective.

The materials you used and have left us with are excellent. They engaged the children and allowed even our youngest to understand what you were teaching. I can thoroughly recommend this programme to any school who are considering covering mindful techniques in school and ensuing our children have the tools to deal with their busy and often stressful lives.

Thanks again and we’re all very much looking forward to your return visit and Parent Workshop next month.

With best wishes,

Daniel Eaton
Head Teacher, Leigh Primary School

   September 2017

    February 2017

Dear Remi and Rebecca,

From the moment you entered our school your energy and enthusiasm spread throughout the children and staff.
In such a busy world, with so many distractions and tensions, you certainly brought peace to St Peter’s and taught the children some breathing techniques that will help them now and in the future.

From the youngest of our children to those in Year 6, every child was totally absorbed and the feedback from the children has been immensely positive. PK is most certainly our new friend.

The children particularly enjoyed the song and movement and the staff loved the imaginative approach to teaching mindfulness, making it fun and engaging for the children. The explanations about the different stages of mindfulness were extremely clear and easy to use and can be easily integrated into the school day. The child led approach gave the children a real sense of ownership and skills they can use throughout their lives.

Your commitment to Peace Button is clearly evident as you give your time so generously and we are really looking forward to you returning. Every school needs to activate their Peace Buttons, we cannot thank you enough!

Kind regards,

Katherine Parker
Headteacher St Peter’s Catholic Primary School
Dear Remi and Rebecca,
It was a pleasure having you visit St Peter’s recently. Having contact with you in the lead up to our day of workshops made for a smooth and well-organised event. You brought various resources with you and you were flexible with how the day was arranged to ensure that the children and adults involved got the most from it.

You were both excellent to work with and your enthusiasm was contagious! We are delighted that we are equipping our children with tools to use in an ever-changing world and the work you started at St Peter’s has continued since you left. I have spotted children from across the school using their Peace Buttons this week and we are building it into our next whole school assembly.

We will keep you posted!

Thank you once again.

K. Swanton Deputy Headteacher
We wanted to find another way to encourage our children to achieve their best. Remi and Rebecca opened our eyes to a fabulous new approach!

Peace Button encourages calm in class, it focuses and refreshes and it’s easy & fun  to use. With their wealth of experience, Remi and Rebecca have developed a system that children, from 3-11, can easily engage with. They use a fun and diverse method using memorable chants, songs and of course, PK the Peace Kid!

They listened to our needs and delivered a bespoke approach to the school, engaging our staff, who were a little sceptical, with a way to support children in gaining focus and well-being.

I would highly recommend PK to any school that wants to support their children in finding a way to balance themselves in a fun and interactive way.

Karen Wyatt
Head Teacher, St Josesph’s Primary School, Kensington, London

More Testimonials

I just wanted to let you know that my son completely loved the session at Leigh today. He’s proudly stuck his sticker on his bag.
We are so glad {to be} introduced to Peace Button, great for kids with ADHD x Faydra Mitchell, Parent Leigh School 13.09.17
It is so lovely and calm in here. Thank you for sharing Peace Button with me. It would be wonderful to see this used throughout the school.
Tanya Moore, Head Teacher, Kings Avenue, P.S.
I’m so happy as the night before last I was getting very stressed and Manaia said “Mummy put your hands like this and put it over your belly button then breathe...” And she massaged my shoulders while I did it! it’s fabulous and we will be doing this every night.

Peace Button is fabulous. Thank you for giving her the opportunity to do this as Manaia was getting very stressed. She also showed me how to use it - we are now a Peace Button family!
(Peace Button Workshop) Maria, Mother, S.E. London.