“Hello parents!
I’m PK, the Peace Kid.

Do you sometimes wish for a more peaceful home environment?

Do your children have trouble getting to sleep, do they worry about school or friendships?

Is it a challenge managing their arguments?

Do they find it hard to let go?”

“I know something that will help.”

We all have a Peace Button! It's a tool that you can use to bring peace and calm to your children and your home.

We offer workshops for children and parents - Contact us!

After you showed us how to use our Peace Button I went home to show my Mum. She is having a baby soon and she put her hands over her big tummy and we closed our eyes together and concentrated on our slow breathing. It helped me and Mum.
— Cheryl, age 7
Thank you for being such an inspiration Rebecca. Jack sat in front of the fire and pressed his Peace Button crossed legged and Theo sat next to him to meditate. It was beautiful - especially as usually that time of day they are busy pouring breakfast on the floor...
— Oliva, Mother, London

“Children all over the UK are starting to use their Peace Button and it’s helping them in so many ways.
I’d love you to try it with them and see what you think.”

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