Hi! I’m PK, the Peace Kid.

When I was born I put my hands over my tummy button and I breathed slowly in and out through my nose and mouth and I felt my tummy rise up and down.

When I used it I felt peaceful and calm inside, so I called it my Peace Button, and guess what? That feeling started to spread inside, outside and all around the world.”


“I will show you how to use your Peace Button.

It’ll bring you peace and calm so you can make great changes in your life.”

Let’s Watch Together


Peace Inside = Peace Outside = Peace in The World


 “It starts right here with YOU!

I am asking for your help to spread this movement all over the world.”


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Meet PK’s Parents

Photo by Jennika Argent

Photo by Jennika Argent

Rebecca practises meditation, uses her Peace Button many times a day and loves bringing up P.K. The Peace Kid together with Remi, helping him share his wisdom with the world.


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Have you used your
Peace Button today?


Rebecca Rainbow is a London based primary school teacher with 22 years of professional experience.

She is a global woman; living in Japan, The Middle East, Australia; travelled solo across China; worked with children in India, West Africa, USA. 

Rebecca always has a global vision so she has made it her mission to have the Peace Button Chant translated in to every world language.

“Peace Button literally landed in my tummy (belly) button and I realised; of course! My tummy button is my Peace Button!
Then the chant came, then the pop song.
Peace Button was born! For the last 2 years I have used Peace Button with thousands of London school children. I use it every day too. It really works! ”

* Our mission is to empower children worldwide by imparting a mindfulness method which also honours our greater principle expressed in the equation of peace: Peace Inside = Peace Outside = Peace in The World.

* With the help of our ambassador P.K. the Peace Kid, he guides children to their inner Place of Peace via their Peace Button in a fun, memorable way. This enhances their connection to themselves and each other and calmness spreads in classes and homes everywhere.

* This movement seeks to change the world, one belly button at a time.

Photo by Adrian Fisk

Photo by Adrian Fisk

Remi Olajoyegbe is a London Based Coach, Speaker, Writer and Social Entrepreneur.  She has also worked as a volunteer, supporting children at Peckham Shed, an inclusive theatre company, which encouraged children of mixed backgrounds and abilities /disabilities to co-create performance based art.

During her previous 12 year high flying City career, she found meditation a tool that enabled her to keep calm under immense pressure and she has maintained a daily practice for several years. She is a great believer in the need for us all to access deeper self awareness, find our inner place of peace and thus affect the world around us in a positive way.

“When you combine a sense of belonging with a positive and nourishing daily practice, significant transformation can occur. Add in an element of fun and it's a pretty powerful combination for adults and children alike. Peace Button has been trialled with over 2,000 children who loved connecting with themselves, each other and spreading the message of peace.


personal blog: www.remstersrant.com